Have you ever needed your own computer guy?
you know, the one you can call and say "I clicked on this link and my computer jumped off my desk and slapped me, What do i do?"
Or wanted a place you can go to where you can find all those cool apps and links that everyone is talking about?
Or members discounts on Web and Application Development.
Or a bi-weekly newsletter that gives you tips and tricks to better use your time on a computer and the internet.

What if you could get all this and make money for being a part of it?

  1. Chat access to an I.T guru
  2. Monthly News letter with tips and tricks to using your computer better
  3. Access to our links to helpfull sites and software
  4. Members discounts on Web and Application Development.($25.00/Hour off)
All you need to do to get started is sign up. IT's FREE!

We have Developers in PHP,ASP.NET,VB.NET,C#,Java,Jquery,JSON....The list goes on and on.
We have SQL and MySql DBA's.
We can manage your projects, small or larger.

This is how we are rewarding you for Telling your peers about our Service
Monthly Earnings
Referral Explanation
Direct means that you referred them or they were randomly placed directly under you.
Assume Fred is a Direct referral.
Fred refers joe, Joe is your Second Generation.
Joe Refers Anne, Anne is your Third Generation.
Anne Refers Doug, Doug is your Fourth Generation.
Doug Refers Sam, Sam is your Fifth Generation.
Sam Refers Karen, Karen is your Sixth Generation.
Karen Refers Dave, Dave is your Seventh Generation.
Project Hourly Earnings
ReferralYour creditExplaination
Direct $10.00 Fred does a project that takes 1 hour.
Joe does a project that takes 1 hour.
Anne does a project that takes 1 hour.
Doug does a project that takes 1 hour.
Sam does a project that takes 1 hour.
Karen does a project that takes 1 hour.
Dave does a project that takes 1 hour.
So just because you referred Fred, you will receive $25.00 additional for each of them doing a 1 hour project
Now imagine if they each did a 40 hour project, that would be $1000 dollars to you
without having done anything more than tell them about our service.
And they got quality work done at a discounted rate.
Second Generation $7.50
Third Generation $3.75
Fourth Generation $2.50
Fifth Generation $0.87
Sixth Generation $0.25
Seventh Generation $0.13
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